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Sponsorship Opportunities Available for 2020

Join the Champagne Dream for a world free of MS by being a sponsor for the IN Cure of MS Gala on June 5, 2020 at the Biltwell Event Center. Sponsorship opportunities are now available.

In 2019, IN Cure of MS hosted our inaugural gala, A MidSummer's Night Dream to Cure MS. More than 400 people came together at the Dallara IndyCar Factory to raise money for multiple sclerosis research. Thank you to the generosity of community supporters, we were a Top 10 "DIY" Fundraiser for The National MS Society with a donation of $150,000.

Please consider being a part of our annual gala with an event sponsorship. Sponsorships will help in the fight against MS, and we could not do this without partners like you.


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Tina Perraud
Tina Perraud
Mar 26, 2020

After an MRI i was diagnosed of MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. After years on medications, symptoms worsened with tremors on my right hand, numbness and tingling, muscle weakness and loss of speech. Fortunately last year, I learnt about Rich Herbal Gardens (ww w. richherbalgardens. c om) and their effective MS Formula treatment through an MS support group on facebook the Multiple Sclerosis treatment made a great difference, most of my symptoms including balance, weakness, falling alot and others gradually disappeared. I improved greatly over the 4 months treatment, its been a year since the treatment, i have no symptoms. I have a very good quality of life and a great family!

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