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1920's Cocktail Attire

Wear your finest 1920's glad rags to the ritziest join in town!

Come as a flapper or the gent you are.

Dress as a gangster or silent screen star.

We are putting on the ritz and below are some ideas for 1920s themed cocktail attire. It's up to you how roaring your attire is for the evening.


  • Dresses: Below knee length drop waist dresses with a loose, straight fit. Beaded evening dresses inspired by “flappers”

  • Shoes: Mary Jane or T-strap heels

  • Cocoon fur coats and fringe shawls

  • Accessories: Bead or feather headbands, Long pearl necklaces, tassel necklaces, drop earrings, Art Deco color faux gemstones, Small beaded purses held pretty makeup compacts and cigarette cases


  • Suits: Three-piece suits with wide lapels and high rise cuffed trousers in stripes, plaid, tweed, and wool suiting.

  • Shirts: Narrow stripe dress shirts with white or matching collars. Colored or plaid two pocket work shirts.

  • Vests: Woven or knit vests for layering or worn alone

  • Hats: Derby, Homburg, Fedora, Boater, Panama, and Newsboys caps.

  • Shoes: Cap toe Oxfords, two-tone golf oxfords, lace-up boots and sport sneakers.

  • Suspenders: Button on suspenders are very 20s but so were belts with casual trousers.

  • Accessories: Neckties or bow ties, pocket watch or wrist watch, collar pin, arm bands, gloves, scarf, spats, cufflinks.


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