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Halpern Family to be presented the 2021 Jeff Zaniker Nautilus Award

Every year, the Halpern family holds the largest MS Fundraiser to support family matriarch Donna Halpern's journey with MS.

The Albert's MS Auction was originally held at Albert's Diamond Jewelers in Schererville, IN. They quickly outgrew the space now host the event at the Indiana Welcome Center in Hammond, IN. In 2018, the Halpern family raised $309,000 for the National MS Society and became the #1 Do It Yourself Fundraiser. Over the 20 years of fundraising, the family has passed the $2 million mark.

The auction includes food, drinks, music, silent auction gift baskets, displays and a live auction. The Halpern and Albert's family rely entirely on donations and sponsorships from the community for the fundraiser. Without their generous donors and community, there would not be an event.

With their dedication and commitment to supporting the fight against Multiple Sclerosis, it is our honor to present the Halpern family with the 2021 Jeff Zaniker Nautilus Award.


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